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Niles Gourmet Bistro
Bistro - Rustica Cucina

4588 Grange Hall Road, Niles, NY 13118

Open Daily By Reservation

Please call us at:  (315) 784-5015



Menu for the week of June 12, 2018


Greetings From Niles!

So Beautiful- Come Visit The Perennial Gardens and pick some fresh 🌿 herbs.

Fathers Day is on the way🎶⛵

Sunday Sauce with House Penne’
Sausage & Peppers ~ long Slow
Cooked tomato with a handful of fresh grabbed herbs.

Truffle Burrata Cheese ~ mozzarella with a cream & ricotta filling ~ then Transformed into A Fresh Picked Salad Of Greens & things!

Autumns Harvest Chicken ~ so great
On its own, then it’s brick Oven Roasted
Tugging at a Mans Heart is this  Beautiful Old Fashioned Real Chicken 🐓 with just Picked Garlic Mashed Potatoes & 🌾 Sweet Corn.

Short Rib with mashed potato & sweet Potato with Seasonal Vegetable.

Tim’s Delmonico Steak ~ right up there with Kobe served With Sweet Potato
And Salad.

Arugula House Pasta with Arugula Sauce
With Parmesan & Walnuts.

Double Chocolate Cake with Hillcrest Cream- Whipped with Creme fraiche

Dark Chocolate Gelato with cocoa nibs

Off to shop- no doubt add to the Menu

Ciao Chez Sandie 🇮🇹🇮🇹🎶🌶

Cash Only
Peace to Anthony Bourdain 🎈💔 🍴🥂





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